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Who Controls Your Digital Legacy When You Die?

Who Controls Your Digital Legacy When You Die

Your digital legacy is important to you, isn’t it? Your social media streams, online diaries and blogs, and your digital footprint on the internet tells an amazing story of your life. When you spend a lot of time on the internet, posting and writing about yourself, you end up with an immense digital legacy that will exist forever, long after you’ve passed away.

A big question you might be asking yourself is about who controls your digital legacy when you die.

Well, for starters, you can control your digital legacy indirectly after your death. If you want to have your stream consistently updated with positive thoughts and outlooks, you can use a social media scheduling platform to program tweets and Facebook posts to be sent far into the future. The upside to this method is that you can continue “ghost-posting” even after you’ve passed, either expectedly or unexpectedly.

However, many services charge for this type of scheduling method, which is a big downside for many people.

Another way to determine who controls your digital legacy when you die is to give your username and passwords to a trusted loved one who will be able to field questions and conversations about your life when people approach your profiles online. Facebook has a feature that allows users to determine who controls their Facebook page after death.  This can be a valuable way to ensure that your digital legacy is in the hands of someone you trust. Be wary, however, as if you are no longer friends with this person when you pass, they can slather your social media channels with negative posts and unkind words about your life.

It’s better to have a Peoplepedia page. With Peoplepedia, you don’t have to worry about who controls your digital legacy when you die, because you control it! Better yet, having a Peoplepedia page is like having your own Wikipedia page, except you get to write it, not some random editor who wants to write whatever they want.

Throughout your life, you can post and share your story on your Peoplepedia page to start solidifying your digital legacy. Once you are gone, you leave behind a plethora of information about yourself in one place. Your loved ones don’t have to scour your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn page to find more information about your life, because you’ve placed it all on Peoplepedia for them to read.

Your life story and digital legacy is also spread to other Peoplepedia users who may become inspired by your passions, your achievements, and the story of your life.

Why wait any longer? Sign up with Peoplepedia today and start controlling your own digital legacy.

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